Everything you need to know about how we work!


The biggest advantage of booking with your friendly travel agent is that we can hold options on flight bookings for you, sometimes for MONTHS, whereas if you book on-line you have to pay up almost. We do not charge for this service. We will also provide itineraries for Visa purposes for THB 500 and if you subsequently buy the air ticket from us we will refund your THB 500.


As an internet Agency we ask for payment by Bank Transfer to our SCB Account or by secure credit card online. We will always invoice you and advise a payment date based on the option time given by the airline. Prices CANNOT be guaranteed until the ticket is issued, so we will normally issue as soon as payment hits our Bank.

Credit Cards

As you will be aware, the use of third party credit cards in Thailand is almost impossible. Due to the lack of security, specifically chip and pin, the banks are very nervous about accepting any transaction without the merchant having the card and the customer in front of them.

We have a solution to this through NEXTPAY who work in a similar way to PayPal.

If you wish to pay us online then we send you a "Request for Money" which comes with a link for payment by VISA or MASTERCARD at an additional cost of 3.75% of the ticket amount. This service is “padlocked” and totally secure. THIRD PARTY cards CAN be used.